Tales from the Riverbank 2018

End of Season Supper

At our end of season supper we shared tales of rescue operations, photoshoots and slippery skinny dippers, over a glass of wine or two. A big thank you to you all.


2018 Ferryboat Season

Thank you to all our passengers – all 2267 of you!

River route.jpg

Navigation across the Ouse

Safety is at the heart of what we do and this is why the loopy route the ferryboat takes looks like this. Despite our love of fun, being a ferryman is a serious business!


Season Tickets

With families from local villages in mind, we introduced season tickets, at Nun Monkton’s Feast Day in June. The family ticket costs £25, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, giving 2 adults and 3 children unlimited ferryboat travel.


"We were treated to smiles and laughter as we crossed"

"Brilliant service and such lovely helpful guys."

"A big shout out to the crew today who without any hesitation came to the rescue of our dog who got stuck just off the river bank. Many, many thanks.”

"For me, I compare every boat trip to that of the Titanic and for that reason I give this one 5 stars. Firstly, it didn’t sink; secondly, none of the crockery fell off the shelves, and mainly, not once did I hear Celine Dion –not once! Bravo."

"An attraction funded by locals and operated by volunteers. This deserves to be applauded and supported."

"What a friendly and convenient service, that has opened up new routes."